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Journal Articles


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Sonja Salmon, Yue Yuan, Chitosan materials with entrapped enzyme and biocatalytic textiles and other biocatalytic materials comprising same, 2023, US 11,607,345 B2 [Issued 2023-03-21].


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Theses & Dissertations – Chair


Jeanie Egan, Enzymatic Degradation of Textile Waste as a Pathway for Textile Circularity, M.S. Textile Chemistry, North Carolina State University, October 2023.


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Theses & Dissertations – Committee


Marielis Zambrano, The Generation of Textile Microfibers Released during Home Laundering and their Biodegradation and Interactions with the Microbiome in Aquatic and Marine Environments, Ph.D. Forest Biomaterials, North Carolina State University, October 2020.


Yawen Wang, Using Mass Spectrometry to Study the Biodegradation in Soil of Cotton Fabrics with Wrinkle-free Finishing, M.S. Textile Chemistry, North Carolina State University, May 2019.


Fan Zhang, Studies of Tissue-Engineered Vascular Graft fabricated from Electrochemically Aligned Collagen Yarns and Electrospun Collagen Nanofibers, M.S. Textile Engineering, North Carolina State University, April 2018.

Other Media


Sonja Salmon, Biocatalytic Textiles for CO2 Capture, CDR Horizons, Ep. 8, OpenAir, November 2022.

Sonja Salmon, The Day Before a Breakthrough, Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions, Unit 4: Radical Change: Achieving Hopeful Scenarios, January 2022.


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Sonja Salmon, Alan House, Kun Liu, Reynolds Frimpong, Kunlei Liu, Charles Freeman, Greg Whyatt, Jonathan Slater, David Fitzgerald, Low-Energy Solvents For Carbon Dioxide Capture Enabled By A Combination Of Enzymes And Vacuum Regeneration, DE-FE0007741 Final Technical Report.